Azna Porcelain stone :

A: Description:

1-History of Azna Porcelain stone.

It is the most famous crystal (Porcelain) stone in Iran which was first used by the late Haj Ghanbar Rahimi, known as Arbab Ghanbar, and is also known as Arbab(superior) porcelain stone.

This stone has a very beautiful appearance with its white background and irregular gray and black diagonal lines. Of course, the premium type of porcelain crystal does not have oblique and very clear lines.

The crystal material of Azna porcelain stone has made this stone with abrasion-capability and special luster, to the extent of its extraordinary light reflection, which is very famous Therefore, this stone is very suitable for low light environments.

Very excellent analysis of Azna porcelain stone has made it superior to other crystal stones in Iran and the world. Therefore, some of the patterns of Azna porcelain slabs are so beautiful that they are competitive with their foreign counterparts in terms of quality and price.

Azna porcelain stone is often cut into slabs. And its bookmatch and formach design are so beautiful that most architectural engineers use these designs for floor stones, lobby walls and floors of luxurious halls.

And its bookmatch and formach design are so beautiful that most architectural engineers use these designs for floor stones, lobby walls and floors of luxurious halls.

Other varieties of Azna porcelain stone have the same transparency and beauty of light background stones. The difference is that their background color is darker, and they have more diagonal lines.

B: Usage of Azna porcelain stone:

Azna porcelain stone is very suitable for exterior and interior facades of the building. However, due to the very low porosity and the smooth surface behind the stone, scoop clamps behind the stone should be used during installation.

The use of Azna porcelain stones along with other dark stones will play a great role in increasing the beauty of the work.

C: The price of Azna porcelain stone:

The following issues will play an important role in determining the price of this stone.

1-A solid, light stone without green and black aura will definitely have a higher price.

2-The thickness of the stone will affect its price.

3-Stone dimensions, bookmatch and formach designs are effective in stone price.

4-Quality in stone producing, both in abrasion and cutting, affects the price of stone.

D: Azna Porcelain stone mine:

Located in Lorestan province (one of the centers of porcelain stone production in the country), 24 km away from Dorud city and Azna city.

Super Azna Porcelain Stone (known as Azna Porcelain):

A: Description:

1-Super Azna stone is known as the highest quality and most expensive porcelain stone among all porcelain stones due to smooth and uniform surface with the least amount of streaks and waves.

2-Many years ago, due to the lack of proper technology in advanced extraction and cutting, this stone was used in small sizes to decorate houses and buildings.

3-Super porcelain stone, today in slab and longitudinal sizes, is known as a unique product and has a special beauty.

4-Super porcelain stone is mostly used in the interior of buildings and as a covering for walls, floors and stairs. Of course, this stone can also be used on the surface of cabinets.

5-Marbles are often used in the interior of buildings, for the stones of the marble category, including porcelain stone, face lack of proper adhesion and weathering and erosion in hot and cold weather conditions; so these stones are unused the outdoor space of the building .

B: Features of Super Azna porcelain stone:

1-This stone, with diagonal and longitudinal streaks, would be great for execution of bookmatch slabs (the method of homogeneity of the book so that the streaks of two large pieces of stone are symmetrical) and formatch (ie 4 pieces of slabs including two bookmatch on each other; so that the streaks are symmetrical on the common sides.)

2-Porcelain crystal stones, especially Super Azna porcelain stone, due to its extraordinary abrasion and exclusive shine, creates a beautiful environment with attractive decoration.

3-This stone in slab dimensions can be used in hotels, commercial and residential complexes and in cases such as floors, lobby walls, corridors and stairs.

C: Super Porcelain stone price:

Effective factors on price include:

1-The amount of light streaks on the surface of the stone.

2-The thickness of the stone.

3-Dimensions of stone.

4-Quality of abrasion and stone cutting.

Which is calculated at the end of production and the final price is determined.

In general, this stone has a very reasonable price due to its unique features and for this reason it is very popular.

D: Analysis of Super Azna Porcelain stone:

Favorite measures Water absorption Special weight Porosity Compressive strength Abrasion Resistance
MIN 03/0 80/1 Petty 600 20/2
MAX 50/1 80/2 50/2 2200 6
Azna Porcelain stone 10/1 74/2 20/0 910 3

E: Super Azna Porcelain stone mine:

It is located in Azna city of Lorestan province and close to Dorud city.