Azna Porcelain stone

This stone has a very beautiful appearance with its white background and irregular gray and black diagonal lines. Of course, the premium type of porcelain crystal does not have oblique and very clear lines.

The crystal material of Azna porcelain stone has made this stone with abrasion-capability and special luster, to the extent of its extraordinary light reflection, which is very famous Therefore, this stone is very suitable for low light environments.

The excellent analysis of Azna porcelain stone has made it superior to other crystal stones in Iran and the world. Therefore, some of the patterns of Azna porcelain slabs are so beautiful that they are competitive with their foreign counterparts in terms of quality and price.

Azna porcelain stone is very suitable for exterior and interior facades of the building However, due to the very low porosity and the smooth surface behind the stone, scoop clamps behind the stone should be used during installation.

The following issues will play an important role in determining the price of this stone.

A Unmixed, light stone without green and black auras will definitely cost more.

The thickness of the stone will affect its price.

Stone dimensions, bookmatch and fourmatch designs can affect the price of stone.

Quality in stone processing, both in terms of sawing and cutting, affects the price of stone.