Mako Black Marble

It is a kind of stone with black background, surrounded by delicate white streaks.

This stone is very beautiful and is known as Black Zal.

Mako black or Zal black marble is considered as a luxury stone and is often cut in the form of slabs.

Mako black stone is exported both in raw and produced form.

It is very beautiful, luxurious and fascinating.

The abrasion power of this stone has a unique and special effect.

Like other marble stones, it is used in the interior facade of buildings, decorative, residential and commercial office units paving, religious places, parking lots, stairs, courtyards and sidewalks, and it will be very suitable for kitchen tables and counters.

It is a very good option in the construction of fireplaces, elevator frames, and lobbies of luxury buildings due to its special attraction. of luxury buildings due to its special attraction.

Black rock uniformity, low streak, low fossil, thickness, dimensions and precise cuts will be among the effective parameters in the price.

The quality of production, in terms of abrasion and resin, will be the effective items in the price of Mako black marble.