Lashotor Marble

Lashotor marble is known by this name due to its extraction from Lashotor region, located in the south of Isfahan.

The background color of this marble is gray and white streaks.

There Lashotor stone with a dazzling black background and a gray stone, is considered as the most famous natural stones with worldwide fame.

Of course, the gray Lashtar is very similar to the Italian stone.

Lashtar marble is highly exported and many stone cutting factories in China, Italy and Turkey produce this natural gray stone.

Abrasive body is produced in tile and slab dimensions.

Lashotor stone is also produced in the form of abrasive, hound, tamil, sandblast, and ax.

Lashter stone is also produced in the form of abrasive, hound, tamil, sandblast, and ax.

In public places such as lobby floors, cinemas, toilets, apartment halls and coffee shops, beautiful and unique polished stone and hound are used.

For interior walls and stairs paving, Lashotor and hound paving is used in the form of slabs and tiles.

For the paving of the yard and the main facade, Bush Hammer, Bush Hammer leather, and Tamil marble are used.

For landscaping and facade of the building, ax-shaped Lashotor marble is used.

Cubic lashotor is used for paving streets and sidewalks.

Badbar and guillotines Lashtar marble stone are used in exterior and interior facades.

Finally, Lashotor marble will be used in the paving of commercial, office, residential units, kitchen countertops, parking paving, tables, lids and paving of religious places.

The price of the stone is calculated based on the color of the stone, its uniformity, thickness, dimensions of the stone and the exact cut of the stone.