Abbas Abad travertine stone:

A: Description:

1- This stone is one of white travertine varieties in Iran, which is considered as one of the most expensive and best travertines.

2- Abbas Abad travertine is processed in two ways, wavy and non-wavy.

3- Abbas Abad type of super travertine is without streaks, transparent and white, and its other varieties can be seen with dark brown or red streaks.

4- Considering the background color and wave design of Abbas Abad travertine, this stone is divided into divisions such as needle, cloud and wind, cow rib and match wave, each of which presents its own shape and beauty.

B: Similar stones of Abbasabad travertine.

1- Atashkooh, Tabasi, Teramit Buchan, Haji Abad and Darreh Bukhari travertine stones.

C: Features of Abbas Abad travertine stone:

1- Bright color, high abrasion, resistance to cold and heat and other weather factors and rigidity are the prominent features of Abbas Abad travertine stone.

2- In Abbas Abad travertine type of wavy stone, its match wave has special features, including uniform small waves, regular waves and its beautiful shapes which increase the attractiveness and high price of match wave travertine.

D: Usage of Abbas Abad travertine stone:

1- In the interior facade walls, the main and secondary facades of the building are extremely useful.

2- Abbas Abad travertine stone is used for making stone fences (explicit), Roman, modern, classical facades and making stone artifacts.

E: Price of Abbas Abad travertine stone:

1- The price of this stone depends on the following factors.

2- The light color of the stone, the fewer waves and halos in the stone, the regularity of the waves, the thickness of the stone and the dimensions of the stone are among the effective items in the price.

3- The quality of processing in terms of abrasion, cutting, resin and epoxy will be effective in stone pricing.

F: Abbas Abad travertine stone analysis:

Favorite measures Water absorption Special weight Porosity Compressive strength Abrasion Resistance
MIN 1/0 2 3 400 5/2
MAX 3 5/2 10 800 4
Abbas Abad travertine stone 37/0 52/2 5 680 6/3

G: Abbas Abad travertine stone mine:

The mine of this stone is located in Nimvar Mahallat city, Bagherabad village, Markazi province and is one of the active mines in the country.