Hajiabad travertine stone:

A: Description:

1- Travertine stone of Hajiabad Mahallat, with cream color background, has a very light roll, and it is extremely attractive. Of course, there are other examples of this stone from dark cream to brown.

2- For its proper rigidity, this stone is produced in long lengths and also in a very beautiful undulating and wavy form; it is offered in various processes in the form of leather, ax and antique.

3- An example of a waveless cut of this stone is known as cloud and wind with special beauty.

B: Similar stones of Hajiabad travertine:

1- Atashkooh, Darre Bukhari, Teramit Buchan, Tabas and Shahouri rocks of similar rocks are the closest ones to Hajiabad rock.

C: Features of Hajiabad travertine stone:

1- Light color, slightly porosity, high compressive strength, good sanding, are the prominent features of Hajiabad travertine.

2- High quality, extraordinary hardness and rigidity, beauty and relatively reasonable price are other features of Hajiabad travertine stone.

D: Usage of Hajiabad travertine stone:

1- This stone is practical in the interior facades of the building, the main and secondary facades of the outside of the building and decoration.

2- Due to its high rigidity, Hajiabad travertine stone has the ability of tooling and bullion cutting, which is used in special designs such as the facade columns of buildings.

E: Hajiabad travertine stone price:

Various factors are involved in the price of Hajiabad travertine stone.

1- The light color of the stone, the quantity and regularity of the waves and halos in the stone, the thickness of the stone, the dimensions and the height of the stone will affect the pricing.

2- The quality of processing, in terms of cutting, resin and epoxy will also have a great impact on the price of Hajiabad travertine stone.

F: Hajiabad travertine stone analysis:

Favorite measures Water absorption Special weight Porosity Compressive strength Abrasion Resistance
MIN 2/0 40/2 3 300 7/2
MAX 6 70/2 12 800 4
Hajiabad travertine stone 35/0 50/2 7 500 2/3

G; Hajiabad travertine mines:

It is located in Markazi province, southeast of Mahallat city, next to Khomein road.