Aligudarz white porcelain stone:

A: Description:

1- Aligudarz porcelain stone is also from the marble category, with white crystal type and gray and black lines.

2- This stone is very abrasive with an extraordinary gloss by which reflects more light. Therefore, its extraordinary gloss also reflects more light.

3- In the past, Aligudarz porcelain stone was produced in 40 lengths, but today this stone is produced in slabs in bookmatch and formch designs.

B: Stones similar to Aligudarz Porcelain stone:

1- Neyriz porcelain, Sirjan porcelain, Herat porcelain, Khomein porcelain, Mashhad ice flower porcelain, Saiman porcelain

2- Karara porcelain, Volucas porcelain, Persian Skato porcelain and Marmara porcelain.

C: Features of Aligudarz white porcelain stone:

1- This stone is better in terms of high strength, low water absorption, high density, light color and excellent transparency, compared to other similar internal and external stones in terms of quality and price.

2- Considering its analysis, this stone is considered as one of the superior and privileged stones.

D: Usage of Aligudarz porcelain stone:

1- It is used to design the floor and walls of the lobby, luxurious halls and large ones.

2- It is used for paving commercial and office units, paving of residential units, sanitary services, kitchen tables and counters, main and secondary facades of buildings.

3- Considering the bright background of this stone and its crystalline shape, it will be very suitable for low light environments.

E: Price of Aligudarz Porcelain stone:

Factors affecting the final price of this stone

1- Color and design of stone.

2- Clearness of the background and its uniformity.

3- Requested thickness and dimensions by the customer.

4- Quality and type of production obtained in stone

Aligudarz white porcelain stone is exported both as raw and production.

F: Aligudarz Porcelain stone analysis:

Favorite measures Water absorption Special weight Porosity Compressive strength Abrasion Resistance
MIN 15/1 5/2 Petty 500 3
MAX 7/0 7/2 1 1400 6
Aligudarz white porcelain stone 10/0 74/2 Petty 910 2/3

G: Aligudarz white porcelain stone

Located in Lorestan province – Aligudarz city.

Of course, there are various basin mines whose stones are marketed under different names like the black porcelain stone of Aligudarz