Takab Silver Travertine Stone:

A: Description:

1- Silver Takab travertine is an example of different travertine stones whose background color is smoky, light silver to dark brown.

2-Very beautiful white, black and yellow waves and streaks are found in it, which doubles the attraction of this stone.

3- Silver Takab is cut in two forms, wavy and wave less.

B: Similar stones of Takab Silver Travertine:

1-Kashan Silver travertine can be named from similar travertines.

C: Features of Takab Silver Travertine Stone:

1-Rigidity, color stability in sunlight, gloss, high transparency and low porosity are the main features of Takab Silver Travertine.

2-High resistance, high abrasion and its attractiveness despite beautiful waves and streaks, will be other features of Takab Silver Takab stone.

D: usage of Takab Silver Travertine Stone:

1-It is used in the fasade exterior of buildings, interior walls, building floors and decoration.

2-Landscaping, paving and sidewalks.

E: Price of Takab Silver Travertine Stone:

1-Factors such as the brightness of the background color of the stone, the regularity of the waves and halos, the thickness of the stone and its dimensions affect the price.

2-The quality of processing in terms of abrasion, cut, resin and epoxy will have a significant impact on the final price of Takab Silver Travertine.

F: Analysis of Takab Silver Travertine Stone:

Favorite measures Water absorption Special weight Porosity Compressive strength Abrasion Resistance
MIN 1/0 2 3 400 5/2
MAX 3 50/2 10 800 4
Takab Silver Travertine Stone 21/0 67/2 5 400 3

G: Takab Silver Travertine Mine:

Located in the province of West Azerbaijan – the city of Takab.