Najafabad black marble:

A: Description:

1- This stone has a completely black background which is decorated with irregular and scattered white lines.

2- Due to having more white streaks, it is extremely beautiful.

3- Najafabad black marble is one of the oldest marbles in Iran and is known as Pars black marble.

4- Najafabad marble is produced and supplied in the form of abrasive and leather in tile, slab and longitudinal dimensions.

5- One of the disadvantages of this stone is that it fades in the sunlight.

Therefore, the black stone of Najafabad should not be used in the sun.

B: Similar stones:

1- Lashotor marble and Tiho black marble.

2- Golden Galaxy marble, 3D Black marble, Black Rose marble and Mako black marble.

C: Features of Najafabad black marble:

1- Low water absorption, high compressive strength and low porosity in this rock are its features.

D: Usage of black marble in Najafabad:

1- In general, this stone is used in the interior of the building, commercial office and residential units paving, sanitary services, parking lots, sidewalks, tables and lids, paving of public complexes such as religious places.

2- The use of black stone in Najafabad is very diverse. It is usually polished and used in the floors of lobbies, coffee shops, cinemas.

3- Najaf Abad abrasive and leather black stone, due to its shape and beauty, is widely used for elevator frames, tables, kitchen counters and interior decoration of buildings.

E: Najafabad black marble price:

1- The color and uniformity of the stone, the thickness of the stone and its dimensions will be the factors influencing the price.

2- Precise cuts and producing quality in terms of abrasion and resin will also affect the price of stone.

F: Analysis of black marble of Najafabad:

Favorite measures Water absorption Special weight Porosity Compressive strength Abrasion Resistance
MIN 03/0 80/1 Petty 600 20/2
MAX 50/1 80/2 50/2 2200 6
Najafabad black marble 83/0 63/2 78/0 1240 2/3

G: Najafabad Black Marble Mine:

It is located in Isfahan province – 40 km west of Isfahan city and 12 km southeast of Najafabad city.