Natanz black granite stone:

A: Description:

1- This stone is a type of dark granite which its black background and small white granulation in it, creates extraordinary beauty.

2- In the black granite stone production process, epoxy materials are used to make the color of the stone uniform and darker.

3- Black granite has many fans in the world, and because of this, its exports are booming.

B: Features of Natanz black granite:

1- Low water absorption, high abrasion resistance, resistance to cold and heat are the inherent features of this stone.

2- Resistance to sunlight and color stability is also one of the unique features of this stone.

3- It is also very resistant to strike and pressure, and it is one of the most suitable options for paving.

4- It can be produced in abrasive and cubic form.

C: Similar stones of Natanz black granite:

1- Tuyserkan black granite, Chayan black granite, Alamut black, Sarkan black, Torbat black and Piranshahr black granite.

D: Usage of Natanz black granite:

1- Interior wall of the building, interior facade, paving of administrative and commercial units, sanitary service, main and secondary exterior facades of the building.

2- Paving the yard and sidewalks.

3- The body of the stairs and the stone of the stairs.

E: Natanz black granite price:

1- Factors such as the type of mine, the quality and color of the stone, the dimensions of the stone, the smooth stone, and the thickness of the stone affect its price.

2- The quality of producing in terms of abrasion, cut, etc. will affect the price of stone.

F: Natanz black granite rock analysis:

Favorite measures Water absorption Special weight Porosity Compressive strength Abrasion Resistance
MIN 01/0 2100 05/0 900 6/2
MAX 2 3500 2 2800 7
Natanz black granite stone: 06/0 10/3 11/0 2300 5/3

G: Natanz Black Granite Mine:

In Kashan, km 5 of Natanz road is located towards Nooreh village.