Nehbandan Astan granite stone:

A: Description:

1- Nehbandan granite has a light background and is available in three colors: orange, cream and gray.

2- The most beautiful and expensive type of Nehbandan granite is its orange color.

3- This stone is resistant to cold, heat, pressure, strike, alkalis and acid rain.

4- Nehbandan granite is also considered as a part of cotton mud granite stones.

5- Nehbandan granite is classified into three grades: super, excellent and first grade.

B: Features of Nehbandan granite:

1- Excellent resistance to cold, heat and weather conditions.

2- Low water and moisture absorption, high compressive strength, abrasion resistance and good abrasion are the main features of this stone.

3- Very high density and extraordinary rigidity are among the advantage of Nehbandan granite.

C: Usage of Nehbandan granite:

1- Optimal use in exterior buildings and structures.

2- Usage in paving yards and sidewalks.

3- It is also used to decorate the facade of the interior walls of the building.

D: Price of Nehbandan Astan granite:

1- The type of mine in terms of quality and color of the extracted stone is one of the effective factors in the price of Nehbandan granite.

2- Light color of the stone and being smooth are important factors in determining the price.

3- The quality of producing in terms of abrasion, cutting and other processing steps also has a significant share in the price.

4- The dimensions of the stone also affect the price.

E: Analysis of Nehbandan Astan granite rock

Favorite measures Water absorption Special weight Porosity Compressive strength Abrasion Resistance
MIN 03/0 80/1 petty 600 20/2
MAX 50/1 80/2 50/2 2200 6
Nehbandan Astan granite stone 04/0 71/2 petty 1440 4

F: Nehbandan Astan granite mine:

It is located in South Khorasan province and in Nehbandan city.