Aligudarz black porcelain stone:

A: Description:

1- Aligudarz black porcelain stone has a black background color, irregular white and gray lines and the white color of which is more visible.

2- This stone has different waves and patterns and is also classified by the same waves and patterns.

3- This stone, despite its excellent and crystalline analysis, is one of the top Porcelain stones in Iran and the world.

B: Features of Aligudarz black porcelain stone:

1- High density, abrasion, excellent gloss and very beautiful light reflection of this stone are among its special features.

2- Other features of Aligudarz black porcelain stone are great rigidity, low water absorption, transparency, abrasion resistance and its dark color.

3- With all the features listed, this stone is also very suitable in terms of price.

C: Usage of Aligudarz black porcelain stone:

1- Bookmatch designs of this stone has a very natural effect and gives unexpected beauty to the interior of the house.

2- It will be very suitable and ideal for the interior of facades, paving of lobbies, interior decoration and sanitary services.

3- It is also used for paving commercial and office units, residential units, main and secondary facades of buildings, tables and kitchen counters.

D: Similar stones:

1- The only stone similar to Aligudarz black porcelain stone, is Sirjan black porcelain stone.

E: Price of Aligudarz black porcelain stone:

The final price will be calculated based on the color and design of the stone, the thickness and size of the processed slab, the quality of the production and the bookmatch or formatch of the stone.

F: Analysis of Aligudarz black porcelain stone:

Favorite measures Water absorption Special weight Porosity Compressive strength Abrasion Resistance
MIN 03/0 80/1 Petty 600 20/2
MAX 50/1 80/2 50/2 2200 6
Aligudarz black porcelain stone 10/0 74/2 20/0 910 3

G: Aligudarz black porcelain mine:

Located in Lorestan province – Aligudarz city.