Isfahan Lashotor Marble:

A: Description:

1- Lashotor marble is known by this name due to its extraction from Lashotor region, located in the south of Isfahan.

2- The background color of this marble is gray and white streaks.

3- There Lashotor stone with a dazzling black background and a gray stone, is considered as the most famous natural stones with worldwide fame.

Of course, the gray Lashotor is very similar to the Italian stone.

4- Lashotor marble is highly exported and many stone cutting factories in China, Italy and Turkey produce this natural gray stone.

5- Abrasive body is produced in tile and slab dimensions.

Lashotor stone is also produced in the form of abrasive, hound, tamil, sandblast, and ax.

B: Similar stones to Lashotor marble:

1- Black marble of Najafabad and Tiho.

2- Golden Galaxy marble, Black Rose marble, 3D Black marble, and Mako black marble.

C: Features of Lashotor marble:

1- Approximate high resistance, low water absorption and normal beauty of the stone surface are the characteristics of Lashotor marble.

D: Usage of Lashotor marble:

1- In public places such as lobby floors, cinemas, toilets, apartment halls and coffee shops, beautiful and unique polished stone and hound are used.

2- For interior walls and stairs paving, Lashotor and hound paving is used in the form of slabs and tiles.

3- For the paving of the yard and the main facade, Bush Hammer, Bush Hammer leather, and Tamil marble are used.

4- For landscaping and facade of the building, ax-shaped Lashotor marble is used.

5- Cubic chandelier is used for paving streets and sidewalks.

6- Badbar and guillotines Lashotor marble stone are used in exterior and interior facades.

7- Finally, Lashotor marble will be used in the paving of commercial, office, residential units, kitchen countertops, parking paving, tables, lids and paving of religious places.

E: Lashter marble price:

1- The price of the stone is calculated based on the color of the stone, its uniformity, thickness, dimensions of the stone and the exact cut of the stone.

2- The quality of processing, in terms of sub and resin, will have a great impact on the price.

F: Lashotor Marble Analysis:

Favorite measures Water absorption Special weight Porosity Compressive strength Abrasion Resistance
MIN 3/0 5/2 Petty 500 5/2
MAX 5/1 8/2 5/2 1500 6
Lashotor Marble 42/0 77/2 44/0 1266 8/2

G: Abrasive Lashotor marble analysis:

Favorite measures Water absorption Special weight Porosity Compressive strength Abrasion Resistance
MIN 03/0 80/1 Petty 600 20/2
MAX 50/1 80/2 50/2 2200 6
Abrasive Isfahan Lashotor Marble 42/0 77/2 44/0 1350 8/2

H: Lashotor Marble Mine:

Located in Isfahan province – Lashotor region, in the south of Isfahan.