Azarshahr red travertine stone:

A: Description:

1- Azarshahr red travertine is unique in the world and has been considered for its special color.

2- Azarshahr red travertine is cut and produced into different types, such as wavy and waveless, slabs, windbreaks and guillotines.

3- The background color of this stone is red, which finds its own beauty with yellow and orange streaks.

4- Azarshahr red travertine will not be colorless or pale in the sun and is very resistant to cold and heat.

B: Similar stones of Azarshahr red travertine:

1- The only stone similar to Azarshahr red travertine is Isfahan red travertine.

However, due to the impure minerals in Isfahan red travertine, this stone is not very resistant to cold and rainy and wet areas; in the humid area, dandruff has been observed on the surface of Isfahan red travertine.

C: Features of Azarshahr red travertine stone:

1- High compressive strength in Azarshahr travertine makes this stone have a very good polishing.

2- High transparency, gloss, uniformity and color stability are the special features of Azarshahr red travertine.

3- The quality and beauty of Azarshahr red travertine stone in comparison with its similar type is one of the features of this stone.

D: Usage of Azarshahr red travertine stone:

1- It is used in the main and secondary exterior facade of the building, as well as the interior walls of the building.

2- It is also used in landscaping (paving of sidewalks and footpath) and making decorative artifacts (guillotine, decanter, cubic and stone furniture).

E: Azarshahr red travertine stone price:

1- Strong red color in background color, regularity of stone waves, stone thickness, and stone cutting dimensions are effective factors in price.

2- The processing quality of Azarshahr red stone in terms of sub, resin and epoxy will affect the final price.

F: Azarshahr red travertine stone analysis:

Favorite measures Water absorption Special weight Porosity Compressive strength Abrasion Resistance
MIN 2/0 40/2 3 300 7/2
MAX 6 70/2 12 800 4
Azarshahr red travertine stone 40/2 70/2 8 506 3/3

G: Azarshahr red travertine mine:

Located in West Azerbaijan province – 15 km of Azarshahr Bonab road, close to Kalvanagh village.