Kashan Golden Black Marble:

A: In the statements:

1- This stone with a black background and white and gold lines and streaks has become a unique and very special stone.

2- Golden Black stone is one of the best and most beautiful marble stones.

3- The delicate and thin golden streaks in the golden black marble and the light, create an extraordinary view that is indescribable.

4- Golden black marble has rich mines in Mahallat, Yazd and Kashan.

5- This stone is also known as Kashan black marble.

6- Golden black stone is not very resistant to adverse weather conditions, such as direct sunlight, cold and frost.

B: Similar stones:

1- Three-dimensional stone with completely similar design and color.

2- Golden black marble of Mahallat, whose background is golden streaks which are thicker.

3- Golden black Golpayegan marble.

C: Features of Golden Black Marble:

1- Very high abrasion ability of Golden black stone, which makes this stone shiny even in the form of a mirror.

D: Usage of Golden Black Marble:

1- It is used in all spaces inside the building, including floors and walls.

2- Usage in lobbies and elevator decoration, in combination with bright stones, will be extremely beautiful.

3- Utilizing this stone in very luxurious designs along with other brighter stones will double the radiance of luxurious halls.

E: Golden Black Marble Price:

1- The size and slate of the stone, the type and nature of the stone, the costs of extracting and purchasing the stone, the method of cutting and processing, the sorting or grading of the stone, the cleanliness and the minimum amount of streaks on the stone surface are factors affecting the stone price.

2- Golden Black stone is produced and supplied in the form of tiles and slabs.

F: Golden Black Marble Analysis:

Favorite measures Water absorption Special weight Porosity Compressive strength Abrasion Resistance
MIN 03/0 80/1 Petty 600 20/2
MAX 50/1 80/2 50/2 2200 6
Kashan Golden Black Marble 62/0 58/2 78/0 1260 3