A: Properties and characteristics of granite:

1- Granites are among the igneous rocks that are important in terms of high hardness, transparency and stunning beauty.

2- Granites have a special beauty in terms of color and bright, and red and pink granites are very valuable.

3- Granites are among the most resistant stones, low porosity, water resistant and low water absorption, heat resistant, resistant to abrasion and corrosion and are compatible with other building materials.

4- Granites are not thermal and sound insulation and have low adhesion to mortar, which are considered as disadvantages of granites.

B: Effective elements in a variety of granite colors:

1- The variety of colors in granite is great, but the color integration in its types is not very widespread.

2- The color in granite rocks depends on the type of mineral and its amount in granite.

3- Therefore, the variety of color ranges from gray to white and from black and green to gray, chocolate, orange, cream and red.

4- Quartz, feldspar, mica, biotite and amphibole are some of the minerals in granite which are effective in rock color.

C: Elements of granite:

1- In the chemical composition of granites, silicon and aluminum are the main elements and the rest include elements such as sodium, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium and titanium, which are present in the form of various silicates in the structure of granite minerals.

D: Application of granite:

1- Granite is considered relatively expensive due to its high cost. Therefore, it is mostly used in the facades of important buildings.

Therefore, it is mostly used in the facades of important buildings.

3- The use of granite stone for counters, cabinets, landscaping, sidewalks and decorative works is also possible and unobstructed.

E: Granite stone mines:

1- The provinces of South Khorasan, Razavi, West and East of Azerbaijan, Isfahan, Yazd, Zanjan and Hamedan are rich in granite.

F: Varieties of granite:

The most famous granite stones are:

1- Nehbandan granite, Khorram Darreh Zanjan granite, Dolphin granite Shahin Dej of West Azerbaijan, Black granite of Sarkan Hamedan, Natanz black granite, Hamedan cotton granite, Khorasan green granite, Red and green Nain granite, Yazd red granite, Mashhad pearl granite, And Zanjan Peach Granite.

2-Imported granite stones: : Porcelain peach and orange granite, Indian red, green and pink granite, Norwegian blue and red granite, Canadian orange granite, black, orange and brown granite of Brazil.