A: properties and characteristic of marble:

1- Marble is produced from the function of limestone hot springs and is known as the green brand of Onix.

2. Marbles are usually luxury decorative stones and can be seen in brown, cream, red, white, yellow, light green, pink and green.

3- Crystal marble is a metamorphic limestone and is composed of one or more minerals and can be polished.

4- Patterns, special streaks and beautiful color of marble have increased the attractiveness of this stone.

B: Effective elements in a variety of marble colors:

1- Iron, aluminum and magnesium are among the elements that are very effective in forming the variety of colors and designs of marble.

2- Hydrated iron oxide in marble makes the stone to be brown or yellow, and anhydrous iron oxide will turn the marble to pink or red.

3- The color of blue, gray or black marble is due to the presence of manganese and coal in marble.

4- Magnesium in marble, under the influence of metamorphism with other materials, produces green marble.

C: Elements of marble:

1- The main materials of marble stone are calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate.

2-Calcite, dolomite, and aragonite also play a role in marble production.

D: Features of marble:

1- Beautiful color, excellent glossy polish, abrasion, great polishing, hardness and good resistance are the features of marble.

2- Resistant to weather conditions, unique attraction and having significant patterns, designs and a little porosity are also the characteristics of marble.

E: Marble usage:

1- It has been used in pilgrimage places for a long time.

2- It is used in hotel lobbies, commercial, office and residential complexes and luxury places.

3- Decorative marble is usually cut in the form of slabs, bookmatch and formatch, and their arrangement inside the building creates the image of very beautiful appearance.

4- Marble in particular has a very suitable use in decoration, stairs, interior facade, columns and floors.

5- Marble is used as a unique raw material in stone and sculpture industries.

F: Marble mines:

The most important marble mines in the country are:

1- Abbas Abad Jolfa green marble mine, Azarshahr (Abbarik) green marble, Shahin Dej green marble, Yazd (Turanposht) green marble, Yazd (Boragh) green marble, Sirjan Tanguieh, Deh Rostam Bam, Mahallat and Fars province.

2- Kashmar orange marble, Khorasan Gulf marble, pink marble of Naghadeh, Kerman marble, and Isfahan (Joshqan) marble mine.